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100 Series Check Valves
Features....  Low Pressure, 
Ultra-Sensitive, Positive Sealing, Zero Leakage
Body Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
Valve Sizes:
1/8" to 3/4"
Operating Range:
0 to 25 PSIG

Cracking Pressure:  4"H2O Max.


cs232.jpg (9192 bytes) 200 SERIES CHECK VALVES
200 Series Check Valves
Features....  Low Cracking Pressure,
Large Flow Capacity, Zero Leakage
Body Materials: 2024-T351 & 6061 T6
Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
Valve Sizes:
1/8" to 2"
Operating Range:
0 to 3,000 PSIG
 0 to 6.000 PSIG   (HP200)

Cracking Pressure: .1 to 8 PSI
csc249a.jpg (8940 bytes) C200 SERIES CHECK VALVES
C200 Series Check Valves
Features....  Quick Opening/Positive Closing,
Zero Leakage at any Differential Pressure
Body Materials: 2024 & 6061, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Port Sizes:
3/4" to 1-3/4"
Operating Range:
0 to 5,000 PSIG

Cracking Pressure: .5 to 8 PSI
cs2159.jpg (8776 bytes) 2100 SERIES CHECK VALVES
2100 Series Check Valves
Features....  Zero Leakage, 
Designed for Pneumatic Service
Body Materials: 2024-T4/T351, Aluminum, Brass,
Stainless Steel

Valve Sizes:
3/12" to 1/2"
Operating Range:
0 to 3,000 PSIG

Proof  Pressure: 1.5 X Operating PSI


cs2232.jpg (5732 bytes) 2200 SERIES CHECK VALVES
2200 Series Check Valves
Features....  Inexpensive, Medium Flow,
Zero Leakage
Body Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel
Valve Sizes:
1/8" to 1"
Operating Range: 
0 to 800 PSIG

Cracking Pressure: 0 to 3 PSI
cs2362.jpg (8794 bytes) 2300 SERIES CHECK VALVES
2300 Series Check Valves
Features....  Less Susceptible to Contamination Damage,
Zero Leakage at Normal Back Pressure
Body Materials: 2024 & 6061 Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Valve Sizes:
1/8" to 1"
Operating Range: Alum/Brass  
0 to 5,000 PSIG
                               303 Stainless  0 to 7,500 PSIG
                              17-4 Stainless  0 to 10,000 PSIG

Cracking Pressure: .5 to 5 PSI


cs2677.jpg (7043 bytes) 2600 SERIES CHECK VALVES
2600 Series Check Valves
Features....  Zero Leakage, Quick Opening, Positive Closing, Maintenance Free Dependability 
Body Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Valve Sizes:
1/4" to 1"
Operating Range:
0 to 600 PSIG

Cracking Pressure:  2"H2O Min. to  56" H2O Max
csc2949.jpg (7513 bytes) C2900 SERIES CHECK VALVES
C2900 Series Check Valves
Features....  Inexpensive, Medium Flow Cap.,Compact and Easily Installed, Zero Leakage, Bubble Tight in Check Direction
Body Materials: Brass, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Port Sizes:
  1/2" to 1-1/2"
Operating Range:
0 to 3,000 PSIG

Cracking Pressure: 2 to 4 PSI


cs2949.jpg (16579 bytes)
2900 Series Check Valves


cscv22.jpg (5289 bytes) CV SERIES CHECK VALVES
CV Series Check Valves
csbivco.jpg (19222 bytes) BICO SERIES CHECK VALVES
Bivco Series Check Valves




cs500asme.jpg (10027 bytes) 500 SERIES RELIEF VALVES
500 Series Relief Valves
Features....  Zero Leak, Optional Factory Preset, Accurate Set Pressure, Wide Range of Cracking Pressures, Temper Proof Adjustment, Maintenance Free Service, 100 % Seat Leakage Tested
Body Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel

Valve Sizes:
1/8" to 1-1/4"
Operating Range:
Vac  to 200 PSIG

Cracking Pressure: .5 to 150 PSI
cs5159.jpg (18437 bytes) 5100 SERIES RELIEF VALVES
5100 Series Relief Valves
Features....  Positive Resealing, Accurate Set
Pressure, Zero Leakage to 95 % of  Set Pressure, Wide Range of  Cracking Pressures,Temper Proof  Adjustment
Body Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Operating Range:
0 to 2,400 PSIG

Cracking Pressure: 10 to 2400 PSI
csm5100asme.jpg (15892 bytes) ASME SERIES RELIEF VALVES
ASME D500 & M5100 Series Relief Valves
Features....  D500 Features Deflector Cap Design,
M5100 Offered with Ring or Lift Handle
Body Materials: Naval Brass, Stainless Steel
Valve Sizes:
1/8" to 1"
Operating Range: D500  
0 to 200 PSIG
                             M5100  20 to 2,100 PSIG

Cracking Pressure: D500  15 to 150 PSI
20 to 1200 PSI &  50 to 1200 PSI
csl5349.jpg (13690 bytes) 5300 SERIES RELIEF VALVES
5300 Series Relief Valves
Features....  Zero Leakage, Dead Tight Seal Well Above 95 % of Cracking Pressure, Positive Reseal, No Pressure Rise with Increasing Flow
Valve Sizes: 1/4" to 1/2"
Operating Range:
400 to 10,500 PSIG

Burst Pressure Brass  Over 30,000 Psi
                        Stainless  Over 40,000 Psi
cs5532.jpg (9115 bytes) 5500 SERIES RELIEF VALVES
5500 Series Relief Valves




csrv51.jpg (15016 bytes) RV SERIES RELIEF VALVES
RV Series Relief Valves


cst949t.jpg (24429 bytes) 900 SERIES SHUT-OFF VALVES
900 Series Shutoff Valves
Features....  Bubble Tight Sealing, Full Flow
Panel Mount Standard
Body Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
Valve Sizes:
1/4" to 3/8"
Operating Range:
0 to 6,000 PSIG

Options:  Toggle, Right Angle, Tri-Port, Cartridge
cs9213.jpg (21716 bytes) 9200 SERIES SHUT-OFF VALVES
9200 Series Shutoff Valves
Features....  Leak Proof in Vacuum or Pressure Service, No Stem Leakage, Effortless Opening and Closing
Body Materials:
Brass, Stainless Steel

Valve Sizes:
1/8" to 1"
Operating Range:
Vac to 150 PSIG

Options: Toggle, Right Angle, Pneumatic Act.
csn9432.jpg (14195 bytes) 9400 SERIES SHUT-OFF VALVES
9400 Series Shutoff Valves
Features....  Absolutely Leak Proof  Shutoff,
No Stem Leakage, Minimum Pressure Drop
Body Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
Valve Sizes:
1/4" to 3/8"
Operating Range:
0 to 3,000 PSIG

Options:  Toggle, Right Angle, Pneumatic Act.
cs9532.jpg (15131 bytes) 9500 SERIES SHUT-OFF VALVES
9500 Series Shutoff Valves
Features....  Dead Tight Shutoff, No External or Body Leakage, Minimum Pressure Rise
Body Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel
Valve Sizes:
1/4" to 3/8"
Operating Range: 
0 to 3,000 PSIG

csmf91.jpg (16003 bytes) 91 SERIES SHUT-OFF VALVES
91 Series Shutoff Valves


csmv92.jpg (12335 bytes) MV92 SERIES SHUT-OFF VALVES
MV92 Series Fingertip Valves
Features....  Ultra Fine Metering, Forged Body, Inert to Line Media
Body Materials: 316 Stainless
Valve Sizes:
1/8" to 1/4"
Operating Range:
0 to 3,000 PSIG

Options:  Less Nut and  Ferrule
cs93t1.jpg (19847 bytes) 93 SERIES SHUT-OFF VALVES
93 Series Shutoff Valves
csmv6dyna.jpg (16435 bytes) DYNAFLOW SERIES SHUT-OFF VALVES
Dynaflow Globe and Angle Valves
Features....  Zero Leakage, Throttling Control Without Wire Drawing, Spindle Threads External to Packing, Positive Spindle Retention, Metal-to-Metal Bonet Seal, Extended Stem for Extreme Temperatures
Body Materials: 303 or 316 Stainless Steel
Valve Sizes:
1/8" to 1"
Operating Range:
0 to 6,000 PSIG




cssv31.jpg (20326 bytes) SV SERIES SOLENOID VALVES
SV Series Solenoid Valves
Features....  High Pressure and Flow Capacity,
Less Susceptible to Contamination, 3-Way 2-Position, 2-Way NC or 2-Way NO
Body Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
Operating Range:
0 to 6,000 PSIG
Valve Sizes 1/4" to 1/2"

Options:  Manual Override, Position Indicator,
 1/2" Conduit




csbpr10.jpg (15318 bytes) BPR SERIES REGULATORS
BPR7A-12A Series Regulators
Features....  High Pressure, Outstanding Accuracy & Response, Manually Adjustable, Positive Shutoff
Body Materials: Stainless Steel

Port Sizes:
1/4" Female Pipe,
             AND10050 Female  Tube
Inlet Pressure: 
25 to 10,000 PSIG
Outlet Pressure: 25 to 10,000 PSIG
Flow Capacity:  Cv=0.017
csbpr25.jpg (13793 bytes)
BPR25 Series Regulators
cscrr11.jpg (15192 bytes) CRR10 SERIES REGULATORS
CRR10 Series Regulators


csgd31.jpg (25053 bytes) GD31 SERIES REGULATORS
GD31 Series Regulators
csgd62.jpg (19277 bytes)
GD62 Series Regulators
cslr19.jpg (13113 bytes) LR SERIES REGULATORS
LR Series Regulators



csgd720.jpg (23416 bytes) GD720 SERIES REGULATORS
GD720 Series Regulators
Features....  Full Range Capability, Single Hand Wheel Control, Balanced Puppet Insures Accuracy, Integral Vent Valve
Body Materials: Bronze, Stainless Steel
Port Sizes:
1/4" & 1/2" Female Pipe, AND10050-4 and AND10050-8   Female Tube, 1/4"& 9/16" Aminco
Inlet Pressure: Bronze 
 7,000 PSIG
                       Stainless  10,000 PSIG
Outlet Pressure: 200 to 6,000 PSIG
Flow Capacity:  Cv=0.44
csmr11.jpg (13508 bytes) MR10 SERIES REGULATORS
MR10  Series Regulators



cspr52.jpg (13600 bytes) PR50 SERIES REGULATORS
PR50  Series Regulators
Features....  High Pressure and High Flow, Balanced Poppet Design, Captured Vent
Body Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel

Port Sizes:
1/4"&1/2" Female Pipe, 1/2" MS33649-8 Tube, 1/2" BPPT
Inlet Pressure: Brass 
 6,000 PSIG
                    Stainless   10,000 PSIG
Outlet Pressure: to 10,000 PSIG
Flow Capacity:  Cv=0.30
cspvr4m.jpg (18116 bytes) PVR SERIES REGULATORS
PVR Series Regulators
Features....  Low Pressure, Outstanding Accuracy and Response, Compatible with Corrosive Materials
Body Materials: Polyvinyl Chloride
Port Sizes:
1/4" Female Pipe
Inlet Pressure: 
0 to 3,000 PSIG
Outlet Pressure: 2" to 27" H
2O- Ranges to 60 PSI
Flow Capacity:   Cv=0.011


csg1159.jpg (12112 bytes) MISCELLANEOUS
Circle Seal Parts List
Circle Seal Bargain Valves
      Items with slight damage missing Parts , Etc.
Miscellaneous Items
      Gauge Protectors and other items





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